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1) What Are Your Favorite Quotes? 1. Some music are heard with ears, but some are heard with heart.

2. Work Hard Play Hard


2) 12 Random Facts About Me: 

  1. I was horribly shy when I was a kid– horribly shy
  2. I can’t stand the sound balloons make when they rub, that squeaking noise, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it right now
  3. I’m so absent minded that I have been known to walk into things like glass doors
  4. I remember things for a long period of time “except for names..”
  5. I have trouble saying things out loud – super awkward out loud
  6. I’m like really really sensitive about everything
  7. The key to my heart is through food :D. Feed me and I’ll love you foreverrrr
  8. I’m horribly bad at remembering names :/
  9. I probably don’t even remember what I did last weekend “cuz it wasn’t interesting”. That’s why a blog is so helpful 😛
  10. I’m lactose intolerant
  11. I realized that the things I love the most are the simple things, a cup of tea, a great TV show, and my soft soft bed 😀
  12. I’m really good at dancing

3) What Is Your Favorite Animal? 

Kitties I LOVE Cats SO MUCH!!! 😀

4)What Is/ are Your Favorite Video Clip(s)?  


5)Who Is Your Favorite YouTuber?why?

        – My Favorite YouTuber is Kyutie, Because She Is Cute, And Loves Fashion 😉.

6)When Do You Find Yourself Singing?    

 – In The Shower (LOL)

7)What Do You Think About More Than Anything Else?

   – My Crush…JK I Think About How I’m gonna Pas Gr.9 In Peace 😀.

8)Do You Tend To Argue With People, Or Avoid Conflict?

  – Avoid Conflict Is Better Than Arguing Because Nothing Good Comes Out Of Arguing With Someone, It Will Just Make It Worse 🙂.

9) What Are Your Favorite KPOP Groups? 

Got7, Bts, Exo, Astro, 24k, K.A.R.D, Twice, BigBang

10) How Old Are you?

–  As of me typing this in 2017 I’m 15 and just putting the date here in case this page doesn’t get updated 🙂