Engineering brightness

My skype experience: The first skype chat with Eladio and Dennis was very exciting for me. I felt as if there were so many questions i had to ask, yet so little time. Although, many of  my questions i had were answered and i had the chance to listen to some additional fact’s about the lifestyle some people in the Dominican Republic live in. I felt very sympathetic towards them, as they were telling us about the difficulties many people have to live with, such as a huge lac of electricity, especially at night. img_0273

Summary/ explanation: Eladio and Dennis, both from the Dominican republic, interested me in many ways. They are both teachers from a private school in the Dominican republic with computers, 3-D printers, and most importantly, electricity. Although they have all the resources in there school, they care and want to help others in their country who are less fortunate, and have no electricity and light source at all. We helped by fundraising money to create materials that can produce light for the people of the Dominican republic. We have broken up into groups to brainstorm and create ideas to raise money, and create materials like hand-cranked flashlights to give out to he people of Dominican republic.

Group Plan: My group and i have brainstormed many ideas to work on, like fundraisers such as, car washes, bake sales, and even a Christmas photo both. Our group has made an Instagram, and twitter account to help advertise for the events that we will be putting up. We have completed our first day of the Christmas photo booth and it was a complete success. We are planning to continue with this activity for the next two days. We started of by planning the event, where we wanted it to take place, and when, we went down to the library and asked if we can book an area for the event. What i like about our process was that we took actions into our own hands, “we walked the walk” and didn’t just say we were going to plan an event but never did.img_0304