My Enviremental Interaction

My daily routine is nothing special, although during my day i stumble upon many choices to make that can help the environment. I wake up, and take a three minute shower to save the amount of water, in this scenario i stumble upon the hydrosphere, i saved water by decreasing the time of my shower. I then get ready and have breakfast, i also pack my lunch in a container rather than in a bag or plastic wrap to reduce the amount of garbage i produce to keep the environment clean.I am now ready to leave to go to school, my mom drives me to school in her car, it usually takes five minutes to get to school. I effect the atmosphere in my day because the CO2 my mom’s car produces goes into the air causing pollution. I can help prevent this problem by choosing to walk, bike, or even use public transit to school.

When i get to school i use my laptop to email my projects and assignments rather than printing them out to give to my teacher. In this part of my day i am effecting the biosphere, i am saving paper which are made of trees that are cut down, The less paper i use the more tree’s that are saved. I then head back home and start doing my homework, i turn the heater on in my house since the temperature is not warm enough, while wearing a t-shirt. Instead of using the energy in my house and turning on the heat, i can instead dress more warm, and wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt.I then get ready for bed by washing my face and brushing my teeth.

My daily routine doesn’t have a huge impact on anyone, although sometimes it can effect the environment a whole lot. One of the first choices i make in my day is to reduce my water time, i turn of the water while i am brushing my teeth, or washing my face and then using water to rinse it off. Another choice i make in my day is debating on weather i should walk to school or not, i usually walk on sunny days that dont require an umbrella or heavy duty jacket, i do drive to school when it is wet outside, or when it is a hazard to walk outside.

I can make changes in my routine that would help the biosphere, atmosphere and the hydrosphere, i can start by having myself and others take public transit to school so there is less CO2 that is being produced. I can educate myself and others about the problems in the world like global warming and how it is slowly destroying our environments and creatures.

My routine and interactions with the environment may not be very as friendly, although with choices i can make, and thinking twice before asking my mom to pick me up and drop me off from school, i can teach my self to be more environmentally friendly, not only to keep the earth clean, but to keep my planet and spheres the way they were created. 




CBL artifacts of learning

My journey into this project was very inspiring, i am so glad to say that the engineering brightness project was a sucess.We fundraised for the Dominican republic by making a Christmas photo booth. The money we collected was given to another group to buy supplies for flashlights. We created an Instagram page to spread the word about our project, and to inform others about the problems in the Dominican republic. Our Instagram page included a background about what we are fundraising for, when our event took place, and other information that talked about the Dominican republic. 

My process through connections based learning was very important for me because while in the stages of completing this project, i learned new skills that are important to have while in a group. In the beginning, we were so eager to start with our group and help the people of the Dominican republic.I learned how to be understanding of everyones ideas and know that not everyone thinks alike, which is a good thing. When We had a skype chat with Eladio and Dennis and there students, i was so determined to help and support them even with a $20.50 donation.

My group and i brainstormed on some ideas and we were very successful, we first decided to spread the word, by showing videos for rap, making a tweeter page, and an instagram page.Then we hosted a Christmas photo booth in the library which was a three day sucess! I was so proud of what we accomplished and not only did we raise money, we let people understand what they were paying for, and they looked like they had a great time. We connected with Eladio and Dennis and informed them on what we accomplished, we asked them for more photos to make another video, although unfortunately they did not respond.

I gained skills like responsibility while my team was relying on me to bring in some supplies for the photo booth, i learned how to be determined and putting this project as my priority while having the photo’s processed at Costco for the booth session. I met many of the goals i set for myself before this project, one being able to connect with others and truly taking their ideas into thought. I thought my ideas were not the best, or the most creative, although i realized letting opinions out to others may lead to a great idea.

The collaboration went really well, Im glad we kept in touch with Eladio and Dennis. We had new ideas and questions every time we skype chatted which was a good sign that everyone was interested in this project.I think i did well with coming up with ideas and problem solving any bumps we had in our way. I liked how i put effort into finishing off strong with the project rather than forgetting about it. If i had one thing i can improve on, it would be to have better communication with my group, that is something that is very important to me because knowing what others are saying is very important for the group.

This project was a great journey to go through, i am so honoured i had the opportunity to meet Eladio and Dennis on skype chat, i am so thankful to have helped out with engineering brightness, it is an experience i will not forget.




How Cell’s multiply

Sexual and asexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction is a production that requires two parents that form off-spring that inherit genetic information from each parent .Sexual reproduction uses meiosis, which is a single cell that divides two times to produce four cells that include some genetic information. These cells tell us whether we are male or female, in male cells they produce sperm, Female cells produce eggs. Sexual reproduction is mitosis times two, meaning there are twice the amount of stages in PMAT. Some advantages in sexual reproduction is that the off-spring takes genetic information from both parents, which gives uniqueness to the off-spring. There are Higher chances of survival; in asexual reproduction, if one off-spring has an illness it can spread to all the others, in sexual reproduction it is not the case.Some disadvantages of Sexual reproduction are finding a mate to reproduce with, fewer off-spring are produced, and bad genes are passed down to off-spring. 

Asexual reproduction is a production that requires one parent to form off-spring that are copies of the parent cell. Asexual reproduction uses mitosis, mitosis is a type of cell division that ends in two daughter cells, which both have the same kinds of chromosomes as the parent. Asexual reproduction requires only one parent, and the off-spring will be an exact division of its parent. Some advantages are that asexual reproduction doesn’t need any energy or time into finding a mate to reproduce, it does it by itself.In Asexual reproduction, there are a large number off-spring that are produced. Disadvantages include no diversity in the off-spring, there are easily prone to extinction because if one off-spring has a weakness they all have the same weakness, they also do not work well environment changes.

Mitosis, Meiosis and there differences

Mitosis is a very simple process of copying a cell. It copy’s the genes and the daughter cells, the duplicated cell is an exact copy of the parent cell with all its genetic information. Meiosis is a similar process to mitosis because mitosis uses PMAT (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase) and meiosis uses PMAT two times. The difference between them is that each one has a reproduction process, for example, asexual reproduction uses mitosis.A big difference of the both is that the criteria is different for both of them, meiosis does not produce copies of a cell, although the cell has similar genes, mitosis occurs in all organisms while meiosis only occurs in humans, animals, plants, and some fungi

How organisms grow

A cell grows by taking in nutrients and taking up surface area as they grow. An organism starts as one cell. There are different types of cell growth, like pollination where a yellow like substance discharges from a male plant to reproduce. Embryotic development is a quick stage that goes from one cell, to two, to four, to eight cells, and then the morula stage that finishes the cycle. Internal fertilization is when sperm cell is inside a female body where they meet an egg cell.There is mating and methods of fertilization where there are different times to mate, different kinds of mating, internal and external, and many condition that need to be met, like how there must  be enough nutrients for the cell.

First peoples principles of learning

During the SSEP project and engineering brightness, I used alot of important characteristics and principles. Many of the principles were connected with the first peoples. The principles of interconnectedness and sustainability are used the most by the first peoples. The aforementioned principles relate in many ways, to the work in engineering brightness and SSEP. Interconnectedness, which means oneness or interdependence, relates to SSEP because we all worked and connected with each other.  We shared ideas, with the class and/or groups, and we helped make everyone more familiar and comfortable with each other.

I used sustainability in my engineering brightness project by raising money from the Christmas photo booth. My group and I then donated the funds to another group who used it to supply the batteries for flash lights. These flashlights are going to the Dominican Republic.  I maintained focus, contributed a fair amount of ideas, and opinions and  the tasks were evenly distributed among the group members.

Some of the first peoples principles involve family, community and, land. They explain how learning ultimately helps improve all of these principles in our lives. They also explain how learning is reflective, experiential, and relational. The first peoples have many quotes and sayings of Learning that involve responsibility, patience and time.” Learning requires exploration of ones identity” I found the quote very interesting because everyone learns in a different way and we all think differently. “Learning involves patience and time” I can relate to this quote because learning has many steps, it is a big process that does not happen right away. “Learning involves recognizing the consequences of ones actions” this quote is important because learning is not just at school or in a classroom, learning can be any place and can be from anything, weather its from a mistake or an action.

Students work can change from the principles that are kept with them. Being patient with work they have been asked to do. Having an open mind can help alot with trying to understand things. Having confidence in your learning and work is important as well, knowing and understanding that you put effort into the work.

In the SSEP project, it was hard to find something interesting to put out into space, my group and I brainstormed many ideas and many of them were not suitable for the project. I learned that although there were so many ideas that were turned down, we would find a great idea, and thats what happen.

The Life of a Genetic Mutation

Part one: Mutation story

I was born into this word along with her, not knowing what my purpose was. When she was four years old her parents knew how hard her life would become. Before i share my story any further, let me introduce my self, I am a Genetic mutation called, Cystic fibrosis.I cf-channelcause my host, Mary Ankermile many health problems. As a gene, there was a difference in my CTFR which transports chloride ions in and out of cells.The body needs a special protein,This protein is defective in cystic fibrosis which causes the thick mucus.

I cause my host difficulty in her lungs and digestive system. Normal lungs create mucus that do not clog airways, since Mary has cystic fibrosis, i create thick and sticky mucus that clogs up the lungs, making it hard to breathe. Thick mucus also spreads through the digestive system, effecting the stomach, liver, intestines, and pancreas. The pancreas helps digest vitamins that are essential and important, but since Mary’s pancreas has been effected by thick mucus it is hard for her to get the nutrients and vitamins to be digested.

Mary wakes up every morning, with the same problem, thick mucus that is stuck in her lungs. Her parents help her by clapping on her chest and back for at least 15 minutes, to help clear her lungs and help her breathe better.She goes to school with a box of tissues ready to be used in case she coughs up more mucus than she did in the morning, Its hard for Mary to participate in gym and other fun activities because she cannot risk breathing so fast and hard. She comes back home to take special pills filled with vitamins because her body has trouble making them on its own.

Part two: The Making of the Mutation story

  1. i searched up questions like, how is cystic fibrosis caused?, what is cystic fibrosis?,what can help treat cystic fibrosis?, how does C.F effect people?
  2. while doing my research, i came across very difficult websites with words i was unfamiliar with, it helped me alot to end the search with “kids” that way the results i had were very easy and simple to understand.
  3. The process i used was to read and use reliable sites that had understanding information, i made sure to avoid websites like wikipedia and websites that anyone can say anything on.
  4. i looked at different websites and saw that most of the information was all similar, i used sites i trusted, not anything thing that i was unsure about.
  5. i tried to make the process of this challenge as organized as possible, i made sure i had all the information and points down, i double checked my work, and i made checked the rubric to compare it with my work.i could have added more details to my story.




Engineering brightness

My skype experience: The first skype chat with Eladio and Dennis was very exciting for me. I felt as if there were so many questions i had to ask, yet so little time. Although, many of  my questions i had were answered and i had the chance to listen to some additional fact’s about the lifestyle some people in the Dominican Republic live in. I felt very sympathetic towards them, as they were telling us about the difficulties many people have to live with, such as a huge lac of electricity, especially at night. img_0273

Summary/ explanation: Eladio and Dennis, both from the Dominican republic, interested me in many ways. They are both teachers from a private school in the Dominican republic with computers, 3-D printers, and most importantly, electricity. Although they have all the resources in there school, they care and want to help others in their country who are less fortunate, and have no electricity and light source at all. We helped by fundraising money to create materials that can produce light for the people of the Dominican republic. We have broken up into groups to brainstorm and create ideas to raise money, and create materials like hand-cranked flashlights to give out to he people of Dominican republic.

Group Plan: My group and i have brainstormed many ideas to work on, like fundraisers such as, car washes, bake sales, and even a Christmas photo both. Our group has made an Instagram, and twitter account to help advertise for the events that we will be putting up. We have completed our first day of the Christmas photo booth and it was a complete success. We are planning to continue with this activity for the next two days. We started of by planning the event, where we wanted it to take place, and when, we went down to the library and asked if we can book an area for the event. What i like about our process was that we took actions into our own hands, “we walked the walk” and didn’t just say we were going to plan an event but never did.img_0304




My journey through SSEP

The beginning of my journey:In the beginning of the year, when i first stepped foot into mr.Robinson’s science class, i was very nervous.When he started talking about SSEP i was getting less nervous and more excited.We watched a video of what our SSEP project was and how it was going to help us learn about the science around us.
Define the problem in our own words: My problem was to find out whether oil and vinegar sperate at the same time while in micro-gravity as it would on earth, while mixed together in the same tube.

Dream possibilities of experiments. List all the possibilities we brainstorm no matter how far-fetched they are.  To solve this problem, i entered the SSEP competition for an opportunity to send my experiment/problem into space, i worked and brainstormed with my group to solve this problem. we brainstormed ways the class could all bring our projects into space, by holding each project in a little tube, which meant the experiments had to be small and simple.

Design and deliver  our proposed experiments. With my group, we brainstormed ways we could make this proposal the best we could, we reached out to science teachers that we had in the past, by email and took their opinion and ideas into mind. We explained our experiment with details and explained what we were going to do to solve the experiment.

Debrief the process asking questions such as: How did the process of completing this challenge go? What was done well? What could have been done better?  there were many steps to this challenge, which made it easier to complete because it was broken down into task we had to do. We just like any project or assignment, we started with a rough draft and ended with a good copy.