My Enviremental Interaction

My daily routine is nothing special, although during my day i stumble upon many choices to make that can help the environment. I wake up, and take a three minute shower to save the amount of water, in this scenario i stumble upon the hydrosphere, i saved water by decreasing the time of my shower. I then get ready and have breakfast, i also pack my lunch in a container rather than in a bag or plastic wrap to reduce the amount of garbage i produce to keep the environment clean.I am now ready to leave to go to school, my mom drives me to school in her car, it usually takes five minutes to get to school. I effect the atmosphere in my day because the CO2 my mom’s car produces goes into the air causing pollution. I can help prevent this problem by choosing to walk, bike, or even use public transit to school.

When i get to school i use my laptop to email my projects and assignments rather than printing them out to give to my teacher. In this part of my day i am effecting the biosphere, i am saving paper which are made of trees that are cut down, The less paper i use the more tree’s that are saved. I then head back home and start doing my homework, i turn the heater on in my house since the temperature is not warm enough, while wearing a t-shirt. Instead of using the energy in my house and turning on the heat, i can instead dress more warm, and wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt.I then get ready for bed by washing my face and brushing my teeth.

My daily routine doesn’t have a huge impact on anyone, although sometimes it can effect the environment a whole lot. One of the first choices i make in my day is to reduce my water time, i turn of the water while i am brushing my teeth, or washing my face and then using water to rinse it off. Another choice i make in my day is debating on weather i should walk to school or not, i usually walk on sunny days that dont require an umbrella or heavy duty jacket, i do drive to school when it is wet outside, or when it is a hazard to walk outside.

I can make changes in my routine that would help the biosphere, atmosphere and the hydrosphere, i can start by having myself and others take public transit to school so there is less CO2 that is being produced. I can educate myself and others about the problems in the world like global warming and how it is slowly destroying our environments and creatures.

My routine and interactions with the environment may not be very as friendly, although with choices i can make, and thinking twice before asking my mom to pick me up and drop me off from school, i can teach my self to be more environmentally friendly, not only to keep the earth clean, but to keep my planet and spheres the way they were created. 




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