CBL artifacts of learning

My journey into this project was very inspiring, i am so glad to say that the engineering brightness project was a sucess.We fundraised for the Dominican republic by making a Christmas photo booth. The money we collected was given to another group to buy supplies for flashlights. We created an Instagram page to spread the word about our project, and to inform others about the problems in the Dominican republic. Our Instagram page included a background about what we are fundraising for, when our event took place, and other information that talked about the Dominican republic. 

My process through connections based learning was very important for me because while in the stages of completing this project, i learned new skills that are important to have while in a group. In the beginning, we were so eager to start with our group and help the people of the Dominican republic.I learned how to be understanding of everyones ideas and know that not everyone thinks alike, which is a good thing. When We had a skype chat with Eladio and Dennis and there students, i was so determined to help and support them even with a $20.50 donation.

My group and i brainstormed on some ideas and we were very successful, we first decided to spread the word, by showing videos for rap, making a tweeter page, and an instagram page.Then we hosted a Christmas photo booth in the library which was a three day sucess! I was so proud of what we accomplished and not only did we raise money, we let people understand what they were paying for, and they looked like they had a great time. We connected with Eladio and Dennis and informed them on what we accomplished, we asked them for more photos to make another video, although unfortunately they did not respond.

I gained skills like responsibility while my team was relying on me to bring in some supplies for the photo booth, i learned how to be determined and putting this project as my priority while having the photo’s processed at Costco for the booth session. I met many of the goals i set for myself before this project, one being able to connect with others and truly taking their ideas into thought. I thought my ideas were not the best, or the most creative, although i realized letting opinions out to others may lead to a great idea.

The collaboration went really well, Im glad we kept in touch with Eladio and Dennis. We had new ideas and questions every time we skype chatted which was a good sign that everyone was interested in this project.I think i did well with coming up with ideas and problem solving any bumps we had in our way. I liked how i put effort into finishing off strong with the project rather than forgetting about it. If i had one thing i can improve on, it would be to have better communication with my group, that is something that is very important to me because knowing what others are saying is very important for the group.

This project was a great journey to go through, i am so honoured i had the opportunity to meet Eladio and Dennis on skype chat, i am so thankful to have helped out with engineering brightness, it is an experience i will not forget.




6 thoughts on “CBL artifacts of learning

  1. It is great to hear how successful you were with your connections-based learning. I admire your group for the risks that you took and the results that you saw. I loved your idea of a photo booth to raise money to build lights to fight light poverty. I hope you can keep this experience in your mind as you tackle the rest of your schooling! Great work!

  2. Maria, well done. I know I was in your group however, we did a great job and thanks for your participation and your great work throughout!

  3. I really like your post, looks like you put in a lot of time and effort. The photo booth was a great idea!

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