First peoples principles of learning

During the SSEP project and engineering brightness, I used alot of important characteristics and principles. Many of the principles were connected with the first peoples. The principles of interconnectedness and sustainability are used the most by the first peoples. The aforementioned principles relate in many ways, to the work in engineering brightness and SSEP. Interconnectedness, which means oneness or interdependence, relates to SSEP because we all worked and connected with each other.  We shared ideas, with the class and/or groups, and we helped make everyone more familiar and comfortable with each other.

I used sustainability in my engineering brightness project by raising money from the Christmas photo booth. My group and I then donated the funds to another group who used it to supply the batteries for flash lights. These flashlights are going to the Dominican Republic.  I maintained focus, contributed a fair amount of ideas, and opinions and  the tasks were evenly distributed among the group members.

Some of the first peoples principles involve family, community and, land. They explain how learning ultimately helps improve all of these principles in our lives. They also explain how learning is reflective, experiential, and relational. The first peoples have many quotes and sayings of Learning that involve responsibility, patience and time.” Learning requires exploration of ones identity” I found the quote very interesting because everyone learns in a different way and we all think differently. “Learning involves patience and time” I can relate to this quote because learning has many steps, it is a big process that does not happen right away. “Learning involves recognizing the consequences of ones actions” this quote is important because learning is not just at school or in a classroom, learning can be any place and can be from anything, weather its from a mistake or an action.

Students work can change from the principles that are kept with them. Being patient with work they have been asked to do. Having an open mind can help alot with trying to understand things. Having confidence in your learning and work is important as well, knowing and understanding that you put effort into the work.

In the SSEP project, it was hard to find something interesting to put out into space, my group and I brainstormed many ideas and many of them were not suitable for the project. I learned that although there were so many ideas that were turned down, we would find a great idea, and thats what happen.