The Life of a Genetic Mutation

Part one: Mutation story

I was born into this word along with her, not knowing what my purpose was. When she was four years old her parents knew how hard her life would become. Before i share my story any further, let me introduce my self, I am a Genetic mutation called, Cystic fibrosis.I cf-channelcause my host, Mary Ankermile many health problems. As a gene, there was a difference in my CTFR which transports chloride ions in and out of cells.The body needs a special protein,This protein is defective in cystic fibrosis which causes the thick mucus.

I cause my host difficulty in her lungs and digestive system. Normal lungs create mucus that do not clog airways, since Mary has cystic fibrosis, i create thick and sticky mucus that clogs up the lungs, making it hard to breathe. Thick mucus also spreads through the digestive system, effecting the stomach, liver, intestines, and pancreas. The pancreas helps digest vitamins that are essential and important, but since Mary’s pancreas has been effected by thick mucus it is hard for her to get the nutrients and vitamins to be digested.

Mary wakes up every morning, with the same problem, thick mucus that is stuck in her lungs. Her parents help her by clapping on her chest and back for at least 15 minutes, to help clear her lungs and help her breathe better.She goes to school with a box of tissues ready to be used in case she coughs up more mucus than she did in the morning, Its hard for Mary to participate in gym and other fun activities because she cannot risk breathing so fast and hard. She comes back home to take special pills filled with vitamins because her body has trouble making them on its own.

Part two: The Making of the Mutation story

  1. i searched up questions like, how is cystic fibrosis caused?, what is cystic fibrosis?,what can help treat cystic fibrosis?, how does C.F effect people?
  2. while doing my research, i came across very difficult websites with words i was unfamiliar with, it helped me alot to end the search with “kids” that way the results i had were very easy and simple to understand.
  3. The process i used was to read and use reliable sites that had understanding information, i made sure to avoid websites like wikipedia and websites that anyone can say anything on.
  4. i looked at different websites and saw that most of the information was all similar, i used sites i trusted, not anything thing that i was unsure about.
  5. i tried to make the process of this challenge as organized as possible, i made sure i had all the information and points down, i double checked my work, and i made checked the rubric to compare it with my work.i could have added more details to my story.