Digital Footprint


Your Digital Footprint is something that you can not get rid of no matter how hard you try. Everything you do on the internet is well documented and that could greatly affect you in the future.


What your digital footprint may effect.

Your digital footprint can effect you whether it be by making you lose a job opportunity because your employer found something very bad when they gave you a background check,or by making you lose a long time friend because you were talking behind their back and they found out.




Ways you could keep your digital footprint appropriate.

One way you could keep digital footprint appropriate is to just not have any social media accounts so you can’t post anything that can hurt your future but that may be difficult for some people. You could also get someone that you trust like your parents/guardian to monitor your social media accounts so if you feel like posting something bad you would know that they will probably see it and it may detour you to post it. Lastly you before you post think would you want to show this post to your future kids or to someone you look up to and then decide.





What I learned and can pass on to others.

No matter what you do or how careful you are at one point you will mess up and do something you regret. Since we are all not perfect and prone to making mistakes there is no plan that will completely stop you from making rude and offensive posts so instead of trying to find such plan you should try to make one where it won’t backfire as much so if you do make a big mistake you could still fix your wrongs.



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