“Taming of the Shrew” Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

Our project is based upon the play, “Taming Of The Shrew” written by William Shakespeare. Our group includes Molly, Sama, Savannah, and Mario. Molly and Sama filmed and directed it, sama wrote the narration, Molly wrote this paragraph, Savannah read the narration multiple times after the app kept on crashing, until she got it perfect. And Mario was on prop duty. in the play the induction, meaning the main story was, the characters pulling the prank on Christopher Sly. The inset of the story was when the players were performing a play for Sly and the page. It was the inset of the story because, it was a play inside of a play. In our project we showed induction and the beginning of the inset. We used the stop motion to show a way of creating a scene by using multiple photos. It created a way to show movement, and creativity. Some challenges that occurred during throughout this project was, the stop motion app kept on crashing, and it did not save our narration, and we had to redo all of it. Throughout this project we have learned many words from Shakespearian times, and discovered what entertainment was like back then.

Propaganda Poster




Propaganda Poster

The propaganda poster shows a butcher slicing a live pig and this means to the animals that butchers are killing the cows, pigs, and chickens for food. The animals see this horryfying poster and tell the cows, pigs, and chickens that their lives are in danger and that they should take over the farm and throw Mr. Jones. What I put in my poster is Mr. Jones who is the owner of the farm hurting the animals using a whip telling the pigs to go to their houses. The poster is showing: Mr. Jones the animal abuser. It is showing fear to the animals and making them think that Mr. Jones is the bad guy. In the picture it’s showing Mr. Jones with a whip telling the farm animals that escaping the fences is bad and they should never do it again. The poster that I draw is a butcher slicing a live pig in half, when the pig is cut in half it splashes with a puddle of blood freaking the children, and making the women faint. Then in a few hours the butcher splits the pig into 3 parts: The front legs, the back legs, the body, and the head.

The Secluded Lot Graphic Novel



1) Exposition: “I’d like to inquire a lot” the old man said, the effort of his decision evident in his voice(115).

2) Rising action: “I’d like a good view”, the old man¬†explained. “But more important privacy.”

3) Rising action: Well, here we are,” Mr. Jerome said Brightly. It was in far worse condition than he remembered and quite inaccessible.

4) Rising action: The telephone rang again “it’s about that advertisement in the Herald, sir”

5) Climax: After the committal Service-when everything possible had been done for the Departed and the Bereaved had gone their sorrowful ways.

6) Falling action: “How dare you operate a beehive in this cementery?”

7) Falling action: ” Experienced beekeeper figure on two hectares of heavy flowering plants for each colony of bees,” the old man went on.

8) Denouement: The old man straightened and looked at him proudly “Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision, I should like to buy another lot”.