Connection Based Novel Project


Soccer impacts a lot of people’s lives in a lot of continents, three of those continents that are really into soccer are Central America, South America, and Europe. The strange thing is that the continents that are passionate about soccer actually call the sport “Football”. These countries love the Fifa World Cup, which is a tournament that is held once every four years in the summer. There are 32 soccer teams that represent each country. The tournament has intesing moments like great matches, some unfair play, dumb referees, awesome fans, yellow cards, red cards, big losses, great defeats, penalty drama, and new records for teams almost every tournament. When a soccer team wins the tournament, it impacts a lot of children’s live’s because they know that their country is good at soccer, and they beleive that their country can become champions in the next upcoming world cups. The children in each of these countries play a lot of soccer and some of them are called to the team, some of them win the World Cup which is like a dream come true to them and their country. Others don’t win the World Cup, but they get really far in the tournament.



– Has a soccer team and have many friends from soccer

– Doesn’t think she is going to make the women’s World Cup in her life

– Have won the thanksgiving tournament championship almost every year

– Likes to watch soccer with her family

– Plays a League in Poco



– It affects his homework at school because now he has to balance soccer with assignments, projects, and studies for upcoming tests; make it 50-50.

– Where Leon comes from is Mexico, which a lot of Mexican soccer players are passionate about the sport.

– Higher leagues gain more popularity, lower leagues gain less popularity in Leon’s opinion.

– Leon’s future can bright as long as he gives it everything he got to go to the World Cup Qatar 2022. In case he doesn’t make it, Leon has other plans, like becoming an archeologist or historian.

Why Tech Is Bad

Mario De Greiff Meraz September 26th Wednesday, 2018
Grade 12
English 12
Mr. Barrington

Technology is affecting our lives around us because it has created a great impact on the human race and the future. Through technology we have developed a wide range of devices that affect the way we communicate and think. There are some disadvantages as well as some benefits.

Machines have replaced face to face interactions and they prevent people from talking to each other in a more meaningful way. The result is that there is less of an opportunity for human beings to connect on a deeper level. Also, since a person can google whatever information they need with the touch of a button, there is no need to really think it through. When students are given assignments, projects, and test preparation, they become isolated and have difficulty completing the work effectively. The student wastes time playing video games or chatting through social media with others.

Addiction to social media has become a serious problem in our society because people can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Snapchat, instagram, and any other famous apps have cause teens to commit suicide because of nude posts and cyber bullying. The impact on digital footprints and the use of inappropriate social media are gaining attention in schools from kindergarten to grade 12. In addition, since the release of the first commercial video games in the 1970s, concerns have been raised about the level of violence contained in those games and how that violence may affect the real-life behaviour. With digital identity being so available, people have no privacy and hackers can easily invade their space and steal their possessions and identity from them.

While there are a few benefits in the use of technology such as global connections and increased efficiency in the workplace, it can ruin our world by the end of the 21st century. It is extremely possible that people will become completely addicted to and dependent on technology. Researchers have shown that nanotechnology can damage our brains and have a big impact on our mental and physical health.

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