Narrative Poem

Presto the pristine performer presents : a professional piece of magic

Alakazam awaits his appealing appetizer

Neglected by his owner his stomach cries

While Presto denies

Neglecting the one whose always by his side.

Forcing him into uncomfortable attire

A portal to another place

Alakazam does not win the race

Without his treat he’s forced to face

A sea of people

Waiting to be magically saved

Presto paces into place

Prepared to please the people

His hat opens up like he’s removed the top of a pot

He reaches inside to grab his treasure

Frantically reaching to find his friend

Zapped, slapped, and slammed

Stuck into an outlet

He let out a cry

His poor hand turned into a fry

His hair turned downside up

He was pulled through the portal upside down and strung from the sky

The string snapped and he fell like a shooting star

Sucked into the black hole of a hat then shot back onto stage

And the crowded applauded the play

While Presto offered his friend the carrot he wanted to badly

And the white rabbit Alakazam hopped onto his arm and munched the carrot away


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