Blackout Poem-“Death of a Salesman”

Death of a Salesman
By Arthur Miller

The play or novel “Death of a Salesman” written by Arthur Miller is about a father named Willy married to his wife named Linda who has two sons. Their family’s sons are Happy and Biff. Biff is struggling to get a job or get employed in his life, and thinks that he will fail everything he has under pressure. Happy on the other hand of Biff, is successful and has everything he wanted, his own apartment with the Knick knacks and utilities to help him in his life, the only thing left he wants most in his apartment is women. The play leads to hard suffering in Willy’s mind because he is on low wages, and he is afraid that he will not be a successful salesman just like his father. The sons Biff and Happy are more concentrated on succeeding on their goals and not care about their father. Willy has been trying attempts to commit suicide, but his wife tries to stop him every time until he kills his elf at the very end. Willy did this because since he was on low wages, he sacrificed his money for his two sons (mostly Biff) so they can have a great successful future with their mother and maybe families.
The part of the play that fits on the blackout poem is when Willy is suffering and seeing screams of horror in his head, and wishes to end his misery. The are five symbols in the blackout poem. The X with a line on top symbol means the surviving symbols, and one of the people trying to survive in life is Willy. The horror symbol of the spooky face means the horror that Willy is going through his head. The mind/head symbol means what is happening in Willy’s head. The scream symbol means the screams that Willy is going through on his head. At last the misery symbol means what Willy is trying to end on what is happening inside his head.

DOAS Monologues

“I am a man that is a husband with two sons, a money problem that is annoying my life, and a wife who loves me and worries about me. I try to think what is going on around my head or feel what is happening to me. Sometimes I question myself why I cannot be a good salesman just like my father was, and achieve my planned goals. I feel like I wanna kill my self because I don’t wanna suffer anymore, I want to end it. But then there is my wife who loves me more than anything in this world, and my two sons who they are living their lives. Biff is struggling to get employed or finding a job, on the other hand Happy has everything he wanted except he is lonely. Then there is my wife who is simply just living her life with me, and at last there is myself who is suffering and struggling of high money wages. My life is totally falling apart…”

The following is an example I created of a monologue for the character of Willy from “Death of a Salesman”

This is a monologue because Willy is talking to his neighbor Charley while they are out together at a bar fora drink.

This monologue would fit in the current plot when Charley is being insulted by Willy and while they are playing a game of cards.