Simon Quotes & Intro

This character Simon in Lord of The Flies is an important character in the novel. He is important because a lot of the littleluns in the novel liked him, even the readers. Here are some significant quotes from the novel that I have copied down to show how important is Simon in the novel Lord of The Flies.

“We used his specs,” said Simon, smearing a black cheek with his fore- arm. “He helped that way.” (Golding 42)
This quote is explaining the others in the group how they managed light the fire

‘Needed that.’ Simon spoke from inside the shelter. (Golding 50)
The quote is explaining Simon that he needed a tool for the shelter.

‘As if,’ said Simon, ‘the beastie, the beastie or the snake-thing, was real. Remember?’ (Golding 53)
This is Simon reminding the other two older boys if the beastie/snake-thing was real.

Simon dropped the screen of leaves back into place. The slope of the bars of honey-colored sunlight decreased; they slid up the bushes, passed over the green candle-like buds, moved up toward the canopy, and darkness thickened under the trees. (Golding 58)
Over here in this quote, is Simon taking a break while he opens his blanket of leaves.

He turned round and peered up at the mountain. Ralph continued to watch the ship, ravenously. Colour was coming back into his face. Simon stood by him, silent. (Golding 69)
What is happening here is Ralph and Simon looking at the view of the mountain and the ship while Simon stays close to Ralph silently.

He went crouching and feeling over the rocks but Simon, who got there first, found them for him. (Golding 75)
Simon helping Piggy find his glasses in the rocks.

Simon, sitting between the twins and Piggy, wiped his mouth and shoved his piece of meat over the rocks to Piggy, who grabbed it. The twins giggled and Simon lowered his face in shame. (Golding 78)
In this quote is showing Simon sitting between Piggy and the twins, while they are eating meat.

Simon mumbled confusedly: ‘I don’t believe in the beast.’ (Golding 114)
In this quote is Simon saying this to Ralph and the others that he doesn’t believe in the beast.

‘What’s the good of climbing up to this here beast when Ralph and the two couldn’t do nothing?’ Simon whispered his answer. (Golding 141)
Simon saying this quote to Piggy and the others in a lousy way that Beast is really powerful.

Simon was inside the mouth. He fell down and lost consciousness. (Golding 159)
– Simon talking to the lord of the flies, he lost his mind and his hallucination seems real.

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