Walter Mitty Daydream Six

Suddenly, there was a loud “bang!” Walter Mitty looked around to see where the loud noise came from. He was shocked to see that 5 armed men wearing black hoods were running away from the bank holding 10 full pillowcases of money. One of the security guards was lying on the pavement close to the door. He had been shot in his right lung, and he is loosing a lot of blood. The 5 armed men ran to their van and jumped in, not realizing that Walter Mitty was watching them and his wife was screaming. “Walter, what do you think you are doing? Get in the car and let’s get out of here before someone else gets hurt!” said Mrs. Mitty. Walter Mitty doesn’t waste any time and drives away with his wife as quickly as he can. While he is driving on the highway, he sees the criminals in their van being chased by 7 police cars. Mr. Mitty and his wife could see 2 of the criminals sitting in front of the van, while the other 3 where shooting at the police cars from the back of their van.

Walter now starts to imagine himself as an archeologist in a mission to collect 5 ancient golden artifacts that were stolen by 5 Insane gangsters, and want control over a lost ancient city that will give them powers beyond their wildest dreams. “You bad fools, you will not get away with the golden artifacts and rule the lost city!” said Walter. When the gangster’s van starts to pick up speed, Walter gets up close with his Toyota Prius Prime and jumps in the back of the van with a dagger and a bomb. “What was that noise?” said the gangster who was driving. “Walter has jumped onto the back of the van, don’t worry we’ll get him!” said one of the gangsters who was in the back of the van. Walter, now really insolent showed no mercy or fear against the 3 gangsters. At last, Walter managed to kill 2 of the gangsters with his dagger and throw them out of the van; one of them had his dagger stuck in his heart and that left Walter without a useful weapon. The last gangster, who was now very haggard gave every punch, kick he had against Walter. Now Walter was in pain and really hurt, and the gangster is on top of him and squeezing his arms with his knees. The gangster is about to give Walter a ‘knuckle sandwich’ with his fist, but then Walter grabs the gangster’s gun that was tucked in his belt and shoots him in the eye. The copilot gangster sees that the golden artifacts are being stolen by Walter. Then he goes to the back of the van and tries to catch Walter, but after that, he realizes that he is too late. At last, Walter jumps off leaving a bomb on the van. Distraught, the gangster yells at his partner to get off the van, but then the bomb goes off with a loud bang and the van explodes close to a big wall.

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