Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

Mario De Greiff Meraz
English 11
13 February 2018
Mr. Barazzuol

Two Fishermen

Mr. K Smith or “Smitty,” is a character portrayed as a hangman in the short story “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan. He is a male character in the story who is in his 40’s, and is small/short by height. Smitty is married and has 5 children that are already taller than him, he doesn’t have any education but that doesn’t mean he is stupid and dumb, although he is moderately poor and has a job that he doesn’t like, Smitty’s home is Interior America and he is an American, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. Also ‘He’s   a   nice   little   guy,’ (Morley Callaghan Page 3). The moderately poor man doesn’t have any friends except Michael Foster, he is trying to fit in with the community and trying to make new friends, his beliefs are that he is responsible even though he doesn’t like his job, and feels lonely because the town people don’t like him that much. Smitty has his strengths and weaknesses, his strengths are being loyal to his wife and family, including being responsible, and he is really patient. Smitty can be mostly described as  ‘I   don’t   know.   A  mild,  harmless-‐looking  little  guy.’ (Morley Callaghan Page 1). His weaknesses are being unhappy, and afraid that he might disappoint his wife when he forgot to bring Fish for home, and really afraid that Micheal won’t be his friend. Smitty is very patient around his family and the community, even though they still don’t accept him. His superstitions are dressing like a gentleman for the hanging, so people will respect him, and he says that dawn is the best time to catch fish. At last what Smitty possesses is fishing supplies, and a large fish.

One thought on “Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

  1. Thank you for posting your character sketch, based on the story “Two Fishermen” written by Morley Callaghan. Here are my observations regarding your work:

    – Introduces the character with the short story title and author (provides context)
    – Utilizes two quotations, but are not properly integrated (Callaghan 3)
    – Provides insight on the character that is being discussed
    – Spelling and grammar mistakes are minimal
    – Response meets requirements

    Good character sketch and thank you for submitting!

    Mr. Barazzuol
    English Teacher

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