Marshmallow Tower Questions

1. Was there a leader on your team? Who was it and who decided who the leader would be?

Yes there was a leader in our team, the leader of the team was Evan.


2. If you had no leader, do you think having designated someone a leader would have helped?

Depends on the situation, because someone could say yes and be the leader or someone could choose another person to be the leader.


3. If you had a leader, how did he/she do?

He did very well by brainstorming on how to build the marshmallow tower and finding a pattern.


4. How helpful was everyone on your team in challenging the process of building the tallest structure? Did anyone appear to be an expert?

A lot of us started to make ideas and see if they worked, mostly Evan was the expert of building the tower and putting the marshmallow on the top.


5. Did any team members tune out of the activity — out of frustration with other members or for some other reason? What could you have done to keep all members of the group fully engaged?

All of us worked together as a team, and nobody got frustrated when building it so there was only teamwork and respect. Also I would tell our team about the time that was left for us to finish the tower.


6. Did you feel everyone’s ideas were well received during the activity?

Yes as long as Evan and others agreed to it.


7. How did you feel as the time limit was approaching? Did pressure increase? If yes, was that helpful or not?

The more the time was decreasing the more pressure and intense of our group got, but usually by the last 3-2 minutes we felt like we were done.


8. In retrospect, what could you have done better?

I think we could have done better if we concentrated on the lower body of the tower and not looking at other group’s tower.


9. Did you celebrate small wins? If yes, how did you do this?

No our tower fell apart as a disappointment victory.

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