All About Matter

Define– My Job is to show all about matter.


Dream– I can show matter by stone elements, I can show matter by the states/phases of matter, I can show matter by investigating the atoms.


Deliver– Matter is made of atoms that cannot be seen because they are smaller than a cell, there are three different types of atoms: 1st is solid, the atoms are vunerable to move because they are like stone which cannot be moved so they stay where they are. 2nd is liquid, the atoms can now move but only slow. 3rd is gas, now the atoms are free to go everywhere they want because they can now move at the speed of gas.



Debrief– For my debrief I tried my best to make this assignment by explaining all about matter, and the three states/phases of matter, I didn’t look on the Wikipedia because I wanted to try my best to study without searching and write anything that came to my mind.

One thought on “All About Matter

  1. Great work explaining matter to us. Thanks for including the picture that describes the 3 states of matter. Good work debriefing as well.

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