My Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is about your life. When you use the internet, you make a mark on your footprint about the sites you have visited.

When I googled myself my dad’s website came up because I have the same name as my dad. The site I found with my name was about an award I received at Citadel Middle School.


  1. My digital footprint can affect my future opportunities in positive and negative ways. If an employer googles my name and they find good stuff then it will make a good impression on them. It can affect me negatively if they find negative websites on my footprint.
  2. 1: Use it a private website were only people can look when they are 18 and older 2: Never put bad or inappropriate stuff in YouTube 3: Never put my bad pictures in images it could affect my life
  3. I could tell the students to look at my website with my permission and use it safely.

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