Week 13 – Precalc 11

This week in precalc 11 we learned about graphing reciprocal linear  and quadratic functions. When graphing reciprocal linear functions or quadratic functions, we need to understand and try to visualize what most functions will look like. Then we just follow the steps.

Reciprocal Linear:

-graph parent function ( using the slope and y-intercept)

-the x-intercept of the linear graph will become the vertical asymptote of the reciprocal

-find and mark the invariant points (every place where the original graph has a y-value of -1 or 1)

-graph the shape of a hyperbola based on the reciprocals of the y-values of the original function

Reciprocal Quadratic: 

-graph the quadratic function

-x intercepts become the vertical asymptotes

-locate and mark the invariant points. y= 1 or -1

-use a few other points to sketch the graph of the reciprocal




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