Week 11 – Precalc 11

This week in precalc 11 we learned about graphing quadratic inequalities which is in the form of y > ax^2 + bx + c.

(the sign could be <,>,   , ≥)

We also learned how to graph linear inequalities in two variables.

First we need to rearrange the equation into the y = mx + b form. Then we use the y intercept and the slope to graph the points, we then connect these points into a straight line. depending whether the symbol is <> we use a broken line and if its ≥ or  we use a solid line.
Finally we just color the side with the solutions, to do this we just pick a test point and use it on the original equation (usually 0,0 is a good test point), if the statement is true we shade in the side of the graph with the points if not we shade the other side.

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