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Finance Questions – Math

1.List three things you spend money on each month that would be fixed expenses.

Fixed expenses occur regularly, the amounts do not change, and they are the same each time.

Groceries, Rent, Utility bills (cable, cell, electricity, water, etc.

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2.List three things you spend money on each month that would be variable expenses.

Variable expenses do not occur regularly, and the amounts change according to choice, need or want.

Clothing and shoes, sports and recreation ( volleyball and dance classes ), eating out.


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3.If you needed to save some money, how could you change your spending?

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First, what I would do is to make a shopping list, that way I know the things that I need, because when you go shopping without a list, it’s really easy to go crazy. Another thing that I would do is take only the cash that I need, so that I do not expend a lot of money on not important stuff and I will be forced to only work with the cash I have on my hand. Also, before I buy anything, I ask myself: Do I really need this?.

4. How much money could you save in a month without giving up too much?

It depends on how much money you earn. For example, I could only save 50$ a month, but if I stopped going out and buying as much as I do, then I could save 100$ a month. My goal this year is to save money for travel, school, and some dance sessions I wanted to attend to.

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