3 thoughts on “Poco-Opolis 500

  1. You have clearly carried out the scientific method. Great job putting the race at the end of the video. Putting a little more production into this video would make it even more engaging for your readers. Great work!

  2. Hi Maria,

    Awesome Video! Adding sound would add something engaging for next time. I liked the part of the race, it looks like you really got a lot of charge with the materials used. Great job!

  3. Hi Maria and Thea,
    I thought that your video lab was very well done! I thought that the part where you showed your conclusion should have been shown for a bit longer. Another thing to think about would be is sound while the first part of your video is playing. I really liked was that you added your race video. It gave a clear understanding of what happened. Good job on your video lab!

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