Paper Airplanes Inquiry

The origin of the folding paper glider is generally considered to be ancient China, although there is ample evidence that the improvement and development of the folding glider was carried out in Japan. Of course, in 500 BC, China began large-scale paper production. About a century in this period (460-390 BC), origami and origami techniques became popular. It is impossible to determine the manufacturing location and form of the first paper airplane, or even the form of the first paper airplane.

  • High flight performance
  • Scale model
  • Use CAD software

Increase the number of folds, sometimes complex
Explicit kirigami (paper cut) as part of the design
Need extra ballast to ensure flight performance

At the same time, different shapes of aircraft fly different distances. By analogy, the weight of an airplane also has a certain influence on the distance of flight. Of course, it does not necessarily mean that a light airplane can fly far, and it does not necessarily mean that a heavy airplane does not fly far.

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