English Spoken Word

Title: Free Free Freedom

Shaken up one day, from the rumbling of the world

From the rumbling of Equality

From rumbling of Empathy

And From the rumbling of Privacy


Among the shouts and scream

I open my living seem

I see people in teams

With their angry as theme


Woken up another day

I open the book

I see them scheme

But I was thinking of meme

In my gleamy dream


Among the bitter and sweet

I feel a missing puzzle

Not that I feel not complete

But I feel I am not concrete


I slowly arise, from my deep lies

I remember myself had been prised

That I need to revise

I follow what the wises wish

And I quickly sunken in the illusion of sweetness


As the seasons went by

The millions die

A second later, I inevitably not to comply


I stand up like what you just did

With countless grid

Except with a nine years old army

I have become one of them

I have become myself

I have become water


I start to hear the scream and the shouts

Just like what I have been always hearing

But only this time

I am doing it


I feel the red dragon burning my lungs

And I smell the smoke between the rung

Still, we won’t turn away until the smoke clears from my city skies

Just before faces turn into bloody ashes

I saw the Titanic is sinking down


We cry silently

We take off our mask that we put on while we are nine years old

Together, we patched cracks of the world

Cracks of Privacy

Cracks of Empathy

And Cracks Equality

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