Blog Log two: Would you drink cockroach milk?

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I am interested in this content because I had never heard of cockroach milk before. Although it is gross,  I am still interested in their milk and would like to try it out. After reading the article, I was very surprised that cockroach milk has four times more nutritious than cow’s milk and three times the energy of buffalo milk. I enjoyed the author’s style of writing, it is concise, humorous and descriptive. He describes the characteristic of their milk with humorous, such as “before you start imagine milk a cockroach” he reveals what nutrients (proteins, fats, sugars and more) does it contains and explains what specific cockroach produces this special milk. (Diploptera punctata/ Pacific Beetle Cockroach) There is a connection that I made between the article and life. This discovery would be significant to reach the end of famine and possibly poverty, as the article mentions: “This calorie-rich food will be especially helpful to those who struggle to get the necessary amount of calories per day. The roach milk can be a quick source of necessary nutrition.” I think places like third world countries would benefit the most from this new and exciting discovery.

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