Consumable Waste

I like to see myself as someone who is aware of the affects of consumable waste and tend to avoid it. I always use reusable bags, cups and straws but I don’t always succeed avoiding it and I am still part of the impact of consumable waste. Unfortunately, the majority of the things I consume […]

Power Solution Fluency

Solution Fluency Define:         How can we make environmentally friendly power sources more accessible and common? Discover: What are some example of environmentally friendly power sources. How do each function? How expensive are these alternatives? Can you implement these sources at your own home? Where can you purchase these alternatives Why are […]

Textiles – Apron

Design Decision: I wanted to keep my apron simple and mature design so that I would still like it and use it years to come. I did not add a pocket to the top of the apron because I found that when I bake or garden I do bend down quite often and whatever I […]

All About Neptunium

Neptunium        Neptunium is an element that sits between uranium and plutonium, with the atomic number of 93.It is part of the actinide series, which is a series of radioactive metals with the atomic numbers from 89 to 103. Neptunium has a silvery colour, it’s melting point is 644°C and its boiling point is 3,902 […]

Digital Footprint

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?      There are many ways that your digital footprint could affect your future opportunities. To begin with, it could affect your ability to get into your ideal university or getting a scholarship. To get into a prestigious university, they will only take the best and the […]