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I like to spend some of my time reading blogs that theorize things on any series I find any personal interest in, even if I don’t watch or read the series myself. An example I think of right away is anything by the Game Theorist, although his videos aren’t blogs, they do have very interesting theorize that I find entertaining to watch regardless of if I’ve seen or heard of the series in any video. When thinking of something that is strictly a blog, I have no specific bloggers I go to, but anything I find on Tumblr or Reddit can be rather interesting a lot of the time.  

I would also like to say I listen to podcasts, but I only really listen to the podcast MBMBAM (my brother, my brother and me,) and even then, I don’t really listen to it too often, usually just on occasion. 


often feel inspired by anything I watch or read that gets me thinking about anything that entertains me in my mind. 

 Examples of this I can think of are maybe games or tv shows that I really like that have an intriguing scenario, or maybe a prompt that really gets me thinking about a story or a character arc that could be done within a character. 

One prompt I think of is one that I found on a tiktok, “the hero travels to the villain’s town to see him telling stories to the children.” 

It really had my imagination going wild, in my mind I thought of an entire scenario where the hero and the villain used to know each other as children, and they each parted on separate adventures, where their appearances changed so much that they couldn’t recognize each other when they eventually met paths as enemies. 

And that’s only a small fraction of what that prompt made me think of, I could go on about it a whole lot more, but that’s not what this assignment is about. 

Some things that irritate me greatly in stories is when a character’s action doesn’t personally make sense to me, comedies, in particular, seem to awake a dormant rage to be within me with the number of choices made by the characters that just seem to make problems for themselves that could’ve been easily avoided if they only went with some of the simpler options available to them. 


Aside from consuming content, I find a lot of joy creating my own forms of entertainment, like voice acting, singing, playing an instrument and my favourite being drawing. 

I find a particular passion in thinking up stories I can enjoy myself and possibly others, but I’m yet to actually produce any content for others to view aside from some drawings I have done in the past. 

An example of a story that I still have intentions on working on, without going into much detail, is one I plan on having in a medieval-inspired setting that has aspects of magic, and no technology like phones or cameras. 

The original description I wrote for the setting was that the protagonist wakes up in a room that sort of resembles a lab, in which he finds a journal addressed to himself, supposedly from himself before he lost his memories, afterwards he finds a way out of the room into a site of wilderness nearby a small village. 


Since I am rather fond of the game Minecraft, I have intentions on producing the story on there when I am able to get a working computer of my own and complete a script for the first season and basic plot points for another season possibly.  


On another note, I have an interest in topic involving the concepts of warm and cold blood, and while researching some aspects about the topic, I found out that despite most fish being cold-blooded, meaning they have the same body temperature as the environment around them, there was one particular type of fish called the Opah that is actually warm-blooded, meaning that they produce their own body heat, they are typically found in more southern waters. 

The topic of warm and cold blood originally caught my interest when I was trying to design a species of aliens for a story I was writing, and I wanted to make parts of the species warm-blooded while the other part being cold-blooded, although there’s no information on any animals of the same species being partly warm and cold-blooded, usually being just one or the other. 

I decided to just stick with the concept I thought of and to just research topics such as how animals of the different types of blood behave to get a better understanding on how to make the species behave, I still occasionally research the topic from time to time. 


Some of the expectations I have of this course are mostly just what one would expect from a regular English class, but since it’s journalism, I expect there to be things such as writing news articles, along with a lot of posting on our edublogs. 

I don’t really expect much else aside from that, I don’t know how accurate my expectations are of the class, but I do hope they are close. 



Do you read online news, blogs or listen to podcast? Which ones? What are your favorite news feeds and why?

What stories, videos, content ( either print or visual) on the internet inspires you, scares you, makes you think, makes you angry, makes you want to read/watch more? Share some examples.

What are you passionate about? What do you stand for? How do you express your passion? Does your online activity support your passion, values and interest? How so?

Share a statistic, fact with me that you find interesting. Why does it capture your interest?

What are your expectations for this course?

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