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Week 7 in math 10

In week 7 of math 10 we got introduced to trigonometry which is finding the missing side or sides or the angle of the right triangle you are solving, we learned ho to identify which sides are the HYPOTENUSE, ADJACENT, OPPOSITE (hypotenuse is across the right angle, the opposite is across from the angle and the adjacent is beside the angle)  We learned how to create equations from the numbers we are given. We learned SOH CAH TOA which helps us find which button to press on our calculator (sin, cos, tan)

Week 6 in math 10

In week 6 of math 10 we learned how to:

Find the surface area and volume of a sphere and hemisphere (half of a sphere).

SA=4 pi r^2

V=4/3 pi r^3

and for a hemisphere its 1/2 of a sphere + the SA of the cut part

we learned the SA and V for a cone and pyramid and how to convert the unites.



Week 5 in math 10

In week 5 in math 10 we learned how to find the volume and surface area of a rectangular prisms and cubes only based on knowing 2 measurements, we had to use the Pythagoras  theory.


week 4 in math 10

this week I learned how to work with negative exponents and how to do question with radicals and exponents that are fractions and not whole numbers , we worked a lot with square rooting and using the exponent laws. We had to find the square root and cubed root of the numbers and how to change negative number to positive.

week 3 in math 10

A lot of what we learned I learned last year and it was mainly about exponents and exponent laws for example:

multiplication law- add if the same base

division law- subtract if the same base

power of a power law- multiply them

zero law- equals 1


week 2 in math 10

\sqrt [6]{4}

I learned about prime factorization and prime numbers, I learned how division tables and factor trees can be used to break down numbers as much as they can be broken down. I learned square rooting and how fraction can be involved.

R= real numbers

Q=rational numbers

Q with a line= irrational numbers

W= whole numbers

N= natural numbers

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