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What it means to be human….

Humans want to feel included

Humans persist in difficult situations

Humans need friends and family

Humans need hopes and dreams

Humans need to communicate

Humans need to understand others

Humans adapt to different environments (good and bad)

Humans seek new knowledge

Humans are greedy

Humans sometimes strive to be a better society

Humans can cause conflict for power, race, nationalism

Humans can be racist and/or prejudice



The Hunger Games is one of my favourite movies because it taught me that you shouldn’t give up even if there are tough loses and horrible experiences because in the end if you try your best you will succeed in what you are trying to accomplish. This book is about fighting against the power to succeed with ending the battle that was caused by choosing people to die for others entertainment in their “game” and in the end they pas a few challenges and loses but come victorious in the end.

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