Float your boat lab expirement

In this experiment we had to build a boat out of aluminum foil, 2 tooth picks, 2 marshmallows and 15cm of tape and we had to count how many pennies we could place on the boat before it sank. We tried to make our boat fancy and we did some origami hoping that a paper […]

Week 17 in math 10

this week in math 10 I wasn’t there for any of the week because I was sick but I learned about elimination and substitution for solving solutions by finding x and y. With finding the x and y coordinates we learned how to graph them even by just the equation.   We had to use […]

Week 15 in Math 10

In week 15 in math 10 we learned how to find the slops of a graph. the slope in this is 2/4 because it rises by 2 and runs by 4. And this slope is a positive slope because its going up. If you do not have an exact rise and run you look for […]

Week 14 in Math 10

In week 14 of math 10 we learned how to tell the difference between a function or a relation just by looking at a graph, mapping diagram or a table chart. graphing: If there are dots that have the filled in circle that are found vertically on the sae x value then that is a […]

Week 13 in math 10

In week 13 in math 10 we learned how to tell the difference between a relation and a function and what they are, we learner what and input and output were, what a independent and dependant variable is, we learned how they are graphed and 5 ways to express them which can be by a […]