April 11th 2019 archive

Week 9- precalc 11

This week we continued to go over quadratic functions.

I learned that you could model problems with quadratic equations,

for example: Find two integers with a sum of 24 and the greatest possible product.

x+y= 2

product is a multiplication word so we know that we have to multiply it to find it meaning that the PRODUCT= x ∙ y

we have to re-arrange the equation that we already have so that we can get it to have only one variable.

y= 24-x

product=x ∙ (24-x)

(zero product law)

x=0 (1st term)

x=24 (inside brackets)

LOS= 0+24 divided by 2


then we would insert that into our standard form

p(x)= x (24-x)

p(12)= 12 (24-12)


144 is our maximum product

I found it very interesting that we didn’t need to have a word problem that involves something being thrown or going up nd down like a U shape and that instead we could still help solve it and graph it like one.