April 8th 2019 archive

week 8- pre calc 11

This week was a tough week coming back from spring break and my most struggle this week was trying to stay in focus the whole class since we had two weeks off I definitely missed a lot this week because I couldn’t keep in focus,  we learned how to graph quadratic equations,

we learned that the vertex is the exact midpoint of the x- intercepts.

the standard form is ax² + bx + c = 0

So for a function to be quadratic it has to have x2 in it, so that it will graph a parabola that will make a U shape on the graph.

The parent function or where all parabolas start is From this form y=x2

we can change the equation so that we can add variables to show if the parabola will be moved up or down, side to side, which way it faces and how skinny or thick it will be.


For example:


this means the parabola will be 5 up on the y-axis but zero on the x-axis.


7 key characteristics: Vertex (most important), Domain, Range, Maximum/Minimum, x-intercept, y-intercept, and the line of symmetry.