Week 11- Pre calc 11

This week was a shortened week so we didn’t go over as much stuff as the previous weeks. We learned how to graph quadratic and linear inequalities in one variable and two variables. To graph a quadratic inequality you need to find the y- intercept and the vertex and use the clues given to graph […]

Week 10- precalc 11

PreCalc 11 We did review for most of the week so this is one of the things i reviewed today.  so i revisited the idea of factoring polynomial expressions like we learned last year in grade 10, and like we learned in the previous units. For example, when we started the practicing of factoring expressions […]

Week 9- precalc 11

This week we continued to go over quadratic functions. I learned that you could model problems with quadratic equations, for example: Find two integers with a sum of 24 and the greatest possible product. x+y= 2 product is a multiplication word so we know that we have to multiply it to find it meaning that […]

week 8- pre calc 11

This week was a tough week coming back from spring break and my most struggle this week was trying to stay in focus the whole class since we had two weeks off I definitely missed a lot this week because I couldn’t keep in focus,  we learned how to graph quadratic equations, we learned that […]