March 3rd 2019 archive

Week 5- Pre calc 11

This week in PreCalc 11 we revisited the idea of factoring polynomial expressions like we learned last year in grade 10.

For example when we started the practicing of factoring expressions I remembered that for the second number in the trinomial it was the sum of adding the two numbers together and the third number in the trinomial was the sum of the two numbers multiplied.

For example:

x2 + 7x + 10

I could go through the list of factors if 10 and then find 2 that add together to get the sum of 7.



you notice that 2+5 equals 10 so then you input those into the expression

(x + 2) (x + 5)


We also learned what to do when the expression is written like this

9×2 + 6x +1

(when there’s a number in front of the first x)

so the first step that i would do is to start to fill in the box with the numbers that i have so the 9×2 and the 1.




then you would multiply 9×2 by 1 then find the factors of the sum



and you can see that the 3-3 equals to 6 so those will  be our missing variables


and then you would find what’s common between each line and those would be your expression numbers

( 3x + 1)( 3x + 1)