February 21st 2019 archive

Week 4 – Pre calculus 11

This week in Pre calculus 11 we learned how to multiply and divide radical expressions.


For multiplying radical expressions we learned and revisited the idea of foil which means (first, outside, inside, last) and that’s the order that you multiply it by. Once you’ve done that you combine the like terms together and start to solve it.  I struggled with learning how to simplify the expression once I expanded it, to do that you need to figure out if it can be simplified anymore and if it can you can look for the common factors of it and simplify from there.

For example:


For division we learned how to conjugate an equation to solve it and how to multiply it by a fraction that is the same on the bottom and the top (so it’s multiplied by 1).

Conjugate means that you take the bottom numbers on the equation then put them on the top of a fraction with the same number and multiply the original by that.


for example