February 4th 2019 archive

Week 1- Precalculus 11

This week in pre calculus we re entered some past ideas of sequences and series and learned about arithmetic sequences.

One thing that i really struggled with this week was finding the starting equation that i needed to solve for what the question was asking me. I kept confusing in my head which equation i needed to do for finding either what N was or what the common difference was. I remembered learning that to find a term the equation was:


and to find the series the equation is:

Sn= n/2 (T1+Tn)

and now that I know which those starting equations you can make the equation specific that you need for example:

Tn= -16+ (-5) (9)

Tn= -16 – 45

Tn= -61


I found that once I broke down the equations it was much easier for me to continue to find the correct equations I needed to continue having a good working habit.