My Safety Story

Yesterday during science class Mr Robinson was explaining to us how we were doing a experiment today! But not just any, the best one of the year! He said it would be one to remember. I couldn’t hardly wait, period 5 science class. All day I was so excited. During science our experiment Mr Robinson explained the experiment! After we all understood the experiment he then went over the safety procedures as everyone wrote their hypothesis, materials ect. Everyone started by grabbing safety goggles to protect their eyes from any hazardous chemicals.  We then went and got all of our materials. We firstly got breakers to measure stuff and hold heat if glass. We then got breaker tongs to hold the hot breaker so we dont burn our hands. We followed that up by test tubes, to store mic or heat substances. Then of course we had to get a test tube rack to hold the test tubes, test tube holder to hold hot test tubes and a test tube brush to clean test tubes. Finally we got a funnel tp help pour liquids into small openings without making a mess. So now we got got all of our safety stuff, did our hypothesis and got our materials.

Now we are finally ready to start. Mr Robertson made sure all of our safety glasses were on and everyone with long hair had it tied back. We started working with flammable Image result for flammable symbol materials. I knew it was flammable and dangerous because it was in the octagon shape, and we had just learned that a few days prior. I saw our next substance and it had a octagon corrosive symboleImage result for corrosive symbol. So I quickly realized we were using very dangerous stuff! Although we all knew we had to be so careful Mr Robinson reminded us again. We started and everything was going totally good, the experiment was working and everyone was so happy with it! But all of the sudden Marco took off his safety goggles for not even a minute and somehow he got sprayed in the eye with some very harmful chemicals. Everyone kind of panicked including him. But he was rushed over to the eye wash station in room 201, but he only stayed for about 5 minutes and insisted he was fine. And although me and many classmates knew he should stay for 15 minutes no one said anything. He continued to reinsure everyone he was fine so we kept going with the experiment. Mr Robinson continued to show u all the cool stuff these chemicals could do. We were all in shock, it was so cool! We were all pretty comfortable at this point around and two kids started fooling around and accidentally bumped one of the substances. The test tubes all fell over and broke open. The substance that was corrosive spreader all over the table. It socked Mr Robinson and a bit got on me.

We all calmly got up and went over to room 201 to use the emergency shower. But before we knew it we were there and there was a awkward silence over everyone. Who’s gonna use it first?! I knew it would be right to let Mr Robinson go first because obviously he had more and he was the teacher, but I was so scared, but I had a quarter of the substance Mr Robinson had. I was lost in my thoughts. Do I go do I let him go. I would be wrong if I went but it was taking everything out of me not to jump into that shower. Before we knew it Mr Gagnus and Mr Colombo the first aid attendant came and  understood what was going on. They pushed Mr Robinson under the big shower head and pulled the leaver. And I ended up going after him.

In the end we were all okay, and luckily we all payed attention in science classless when we went over all the procedures!


(The picture of the map isn’t very clear I can show you the paper copy if you want)




Image result for corrosive symbol meaning

A corrosive material is a highly reactive substance that causes obvious damage to living tissue.


Image result for explosive symbol meaning

It can explode if it comes into contact with a flame or heat. It may also explode due to friction or shock.


Image result for biohazard

It mean it could be a threat t any living organisms but mostly humans and can affect human health.


Image result for Gasses under pressure

They ar gasses kept in a container with a pressurized of 200kPa or more.

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