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Immigration Journal- Socials



Science 9 Meiosis

Link to my Meiosis assignment:


Home Ech Pasta/Rice Assignment


This was my first time making Risotto and I loved how it tasted! There was nothing I would change about this recipe, and my parents really enjoyed eating it.

Information Fluency – Science Telocytes

Socials 9 Core Competencies

Socials Studies 9 Core Competencies

Science Inquiry Assignment

Home Ech Take Home Lab-Frittata

The one thing that I would change about my frittata recipe was to add more ingredients to make it taste better. I should’ve added some cheese, maybe some bacon, and more seasoning.

Collaboration Fluency

In science class, I was assigned a group project. And in this project, my group and I had to make a ruler standing on a glass bowl to move in a full 360 circle without touching it. The point of the project was to race to see which materials would make the ruler spin the fastest and which was more efficient. Mr. Horton my science teacher gave us all different kinds of materials and items to use to try to make the ruler spin.

Establish: Before doing anything, my group and I planned out what objects we were going to use first and how we were going to make the ruler spin. We all assigned ourselves jobs on how we were going to work on our project, the lists of jobs were being a racer in the class race, a timer to see who’s ruler spun the fastest, and a recorder to see how our group did in the race.


Envision: To be an effective group we all decided that we would share the workload on figuring out how we would make the ruler move, no ideas are bad ideas, and we would all give input on how we were going to finish our project. (Mainly communication was key in our group.)


Execute: As a group, we would create a project where our ruler would spin the fastest. To make the ruler move we tested rubbing a piece of fur onto a stick of lucite, and put the Lucite beside the ruler and moved it without touching it. Compared to everything else we tried out the Lucite stick moved the ruler the fastest, so that’s when we knew that we would use it in our race.


Examine: At the end of the race my group’s race time was 1:40, (not the fastest time in the class, but we tried our best). At the end of our collaboration, we were relieved that we had finally finished our project and that we succeeded our goal.

Below here is a video of our race:

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