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Solution Fluency

In Science class, we had our first lab. My classmates and I had to discover which out of the four detergents worked the best on removing stains. The 4 detergents we used were Ultra, Woolite, Sunlight, and Tide. Then we ripped up an old towel rag and made a stain on 5 shreds of rags.

DEFINE: The challenge in my lab was figuring out different ways by proving which detergent would work the best since I didn’t have any access to a washing machine. I was in a group with 2 of my friends and we figured out a solution. We poured the detergents in 5 different beakers filled with an equal amount of water, and then dipped the towel rags into the detergent water. We stirred the rags in our detergent and soap solution as if it was in a washing machine or 15 minutes.

DISCOVER: The questions that my group and I needed to ask was how to get the stains out the rags. We all pitched in ideas and then my friend Rachel suggested that we should mix the detergents with water and mix it around in a beaker, as if it was a washing machine.

DELIVER: In the picture above those were the towel rag outcomes from each detergent. The first rag was the Ultra detergent. The second was the Woolite (which did the best). The third was the Tide. The fourth was the Sunlight.  And the 5th was the control group which was used as the experimental rag, we just used plain water, in attempt to get the stain out.

Since my group and I chose the hardest stain to get out (paint), it was hard to try to remove the stains efficiently without using a washing machine.

DEBRIEF: I knew before doing this project that the outcome wouldn’t be efficient. And I expected for the most expensive detergent to work the best, which was the Woolite (and my hypothesis was correct!). The process of the experiment was tiring, especially stirring a rag in a beaker for 15 minutes, but the lab was really fun.

Community Connections

Makayla Crenshaw 

Feb 5,2018  


For the COL project, I chose my Aunt Cheryl. She works at a Middle School in Toronto as a Principal, and I thought it would be interesting to learn about her experiences as an educator. And ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a teacher. 


The thing that she is most passionate about her job as a principal is just working at a school in general. She loves working at her school because she knows she can make a difference to the students, staff, and parents in the community.  


In her career as an educator, she has been very lucky so far by not running into very many obstacles with the school system. She has been transported to a variety of different school’s with different teaching positions, changing each school community for the better and changing the students perspective on how they appreciate school. So far she hasn’t had any problems with adapting on becoming vice principal to principal as she is sent to different schools.  

 Image result for bristol road middle school mississauga

Some advice that she would like to give to the students who would like to be a teacher when their older is to spend as much time being a teacher and spending enough time understanding the students and their personalities to really connect with them.  If you don’t know much about teaching, then why chose to become a teacher; she says. The students are the reason why you are teaching, and if you don’t relate to them then that will cause the students to become less interesting and causing them to lose their passion to learn. Teachers teach at school because they are supposed to serve and support students, staff, and parents.  

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Being a Principal is all that easy, they have to monitor any bad behavior from students, and give support to any person that needs educational help. The worst thing about her job is to contact parents of misbehaving children. Another challenge that she doesn’t enjoy dealing with is helping the students with their school work, she says it’s hard offering them with help as she is not working directly in a classroom.  

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What motivates her in being a Principal is that every day is a new day in her job.  Her job at middle school is to teach grades 6-8 and enjoys it every day. There are no two days that have been the same and finds that she is never bored. Every time she gets a chance, she likes to be in a classroom learning among the students. She truly enjoys working with that age group and feels that you can reason with the students and that they are very easy to talk to every day. Her goal as an educator is to convince them that they are in school for an education; nothing other.  

You can follow her school on Twitter @bristolrms if you want to contact her. She says she is very open to having students contact her.

Link to Twitter account: https://twitter.com/bristolrms?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

(The opportunities that this interview opened up to me is to work hard in my school and to get good grades. Because my Aunt worked very hard to get to where she is today as a Principal.)

Links to photos: http://www.hcpss.org/news-posts/2015/01/gt-educator-nominations/




FSL 9 Self Assessment


My setting

My Reader Resposne #5 Setting

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•My setting project picture


Inquiry project self-assessment

My inquiry self assessment

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Finding yourself in fiction

In Ms.Chapell’s English 9 class, I read the novel “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck

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Core Competencies/Self Assessment

My English Core Competencies Self Assessment.

Drawing with media

November 17, 2017

Mandala’s- Drawing & Painting 10

My madala’s that I made from drawing and painting 10

Self Assessment and PE 9

My Grade 9 PE Reflection


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