Synthesis Essay

What to improve: I could have added more background to my quotes, and found better quotes to prove my synthesis.   What I did well: I was able to make my point clear and structure my paragraphs well.

Government Responsibilty Paragraph

The government today should be held responsible for decisions and actions made by previous governments. Although, these decisions and actions were not made by today‚Äôs government, they still represent the government. The Canadian Government(s) all have the same morals and goals. The people within the government may change, but the Canadian Government itself remains. Most […]

Periods- Spoken Word Rant

Reflection: 2 things I’m proud of are, the writing portion and how well it turned out, and the confidence I had when I preformed it in front of the class. 2 things I would like to improve are, the dynamics of my voice, and to speak clearly and slowly.   Rant: Periods. A time where […]