Desmos Portrait 2018


For my demos portrait, I was really confused about all the equations and how to keep them within a specific area so I could make a face. I mostly asked my friends and they helped me out with it because it was pretty confusing. I think I used most of the equations and it looks pretty funny so thats nice. My biggest challenge was doing the domain and range because sometimes it just wasn’t working and I had to change one thing to make it work but catching on to that was confusing and having so many different equations along the side of the portrait made me really confused about what I was supposed to do next. Also trying to make a nose was really confusing so I just decided to go with a Pinocchio nose because it was the easiest and it all depends on angles. Finding how to use a square root for my portrait was hard too but I decided I could use that as my nostrils. I used copy and paste a lot for making my hair because it’s fun and for replicating my eyes and nose on opposite sides. I don’t think I learned anything about functions and graphs it’s my worst math section so I spent most of the time making my demos portrait laughing because its pretty funny.