Week 7 – Math 10 – Factoring Ugly Polynomials

When factoring is already difficult to do at times if you don’t know where to start, factoring ugly polynomials are twice as hard. So here is an easy and fun way to get the answer quickly. Firstly, what are ugly polynomials? Are they ugly by the way they look? No! Ugly polynomials are polynomials that can’t factor as easily as one where you can use a simple pattern to solve for. So where to start, while let us go back to multiplying polynomials and how we have certain ways to solve the expression easier.

For Example, Area Model can be also be used for factoring more difficult or ugly polynomials. Same like with using it for multiplying, you are going to draw out of square with the amount of tiny square need to fill in the numbers from the polynomial. First, put the number with the largest degree in the top left square and the constant in the bottom cube on the right. Then take the middle number and find the factor of it. Then find the factor of the numbers in the big square across from each other. Next, doing the same thing to the other number across from themselves. Finally, to check if you did it right, multiply the polynomial.

An Example: