Week 8 – Math 10 – Relations and Variables

To start off with, what are relations?

Well, a relation is a comparison between two sets of elements (also know as numbers) For example the cost of bagged candy is related to the weight. In this example, the cost can also be called the dependent variable, output, y, and the range. When the weight is the independent variable, input, x, and the domain.

What is the independent and the dependent variable?

In any relation or comparison, the independent variable is the factor that determines the dependent variable. In the way my example, how the amount (weight) of bagged candy will determine how much you pay. The dependent variable will always be depending on the number of the independent variable.

5 Ways to Show a Relation:

  1.  t chart
  2.  equation
  3.  ordered pairs
  4.  graft
  5. mapping diagram

What is the domain?

The domain is the set of all numbers of the independent variable (input – x) in the relation.

What is the range?

The range is the set of all the numbers of the dependent variable (output – y)




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