Data Visualization – Deforestation

Even though, most people have a general idea that with the current years our forests are in danger. However, I believe that we don’t understand the drastic effects are happening. This leads me to choosing my data about the topic of deforestation over the years. After looking at some different sites the OurWorlinData was very helpful to gather my information (this is the site’s hyperlink:

My Raw Data:

In the raw data, there were two types of forest tropical forests and temperate forest shown. However, I decided only to take the data for the temperate forests to simplify to the infographic. My main reasoning behind creating this data visualization in an infographic way was to ultimately simplify the information and choose only one set of the data provided. I also wanted to include some art into the infographics as I enjoy to draw and be creative. Also, younger people tend to be able to understand info if there are pictures included (such as little kids with picture books). Another reason that the scale is made in a picture. I believe that when the reader is looking a the poster, they would clearly see the drastic decrease of forest throughout the years.

After I had finished the infographic, I wanted to add something else to add to the point on how important it is to see the huge difference in our forests. I was shocked by the facts on deforestation and then I decided to write them in the extra space.

My Data Visualization :

My Self Reflection :

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