my friend martin Peterson  I interviewed works for a delivery company for dry cleaning. Why are you passionate about your job he has a great boss and he likes to be driving in a small territory. What obsticles did you face to get you where you are today but he has health isues. He started […]

Reader response #5

The mini project that I am most proud of is my song mini project. My project is about a song called “Greed Won’t Get You Anywhere.” I chose this project because I enjoy and listen to music, as well I feel I am good at writing songs with creative lyrics. My strengths as a learner […]

Climate change

Climate science is making an impact How does climate change affect the world ?   It can effect the water levels , drinking,water food source and animals in many ways.   It can lead to animals losing their homes and deforestation and ice caps melting to fast and water level increases and animal extinction and […]