Reader response #5

The mini project that I am most proud of is my song mini project. My project is about a song called “Greed Won’t Get You Anywhere.” I chose this project because I enjoy and listen to music, as well I feel I am good at writing songs with creative lyrics. My strengths as a learner are writing, participating in class discussion, and completing projects. I learn best when in a quiet environment, group setting, and being involved in hands on activity,

Greed won’t get you anywhere
I see the sun in the east
I see the waves on beach
I’m walking into The hut
I see a black object in my hut
I say kill it on the rope
Shoot to kill scorpion like a rope
Treatment won’t do it
Don’t go see the doc
I say don’t Go see the doc
We have no money for treatment
I go out fishing for a Pearl
Kino wants a wedding,education,money
The villagers start to get the idea to get Pearl
Now everyone is greedy and wants the Pearl
It gives us bad luck
It makes me turn into mad man
I hit my wife
What a life
I go out for the night
Anger hits me through the night
I get in to a fight
I kill with the knife
Pull out the knife
I run in the dark night
I should throw away the Pearl
Greed kills me
Me and my wife run
Trackers keep up to the hunt
See the cave hide there I’ll distract
Shoot no don’t shoot
get rid of the Pearl.
Icy like a hockey puck
I see them like a dream
I see them like the stranger in the dark
When I kill I strike like the tail of a scorpion
Icy Pearl icy like a gem Colour Pearl
I obsess them like an m & m.
I can’t get them like a sniper can
But I slash them like a butcher can
I am “cold and deadly as steal” p 114
I “aimed and fired between the eyes”pg 114
Then “the cry of death” pg 114
The kid is dead.
They walk into La Paz pg114
“Left the deep impression of those who saw them” pg 115
“Her wide eyes stared inward on her self” pg 115
“They carried pillars of black fear about them” p 116

“He saw the light of burning” p 117

“ the Pearl was ugly and grey” p 117

“And the music of the Pearl drifted to a whisper and disappeared” p118

And I like doing the song because it was fun and I like writting the lyrics.

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