Essay corrections – English 11 – Block D – Luka Mladenovic

Essay corrections


I think I did very well at choosing 2 sources I was confident in information wise.  I had watched and studied them multiple times before doing the essay.

Not so good

Try to start earlier so I do more information and I’m not on a tight deadline where I am forcing my ideas instead of taking time to think about them.

Not so good 2

Try to actually press the send button on my E-mail so I don’t get a 5% reduction.


Totem question – English 11 – Block D – Luka Mladenovic

Totem question

The fact they took their land and then proceeded to kill a lot of them while trying to destroy their culture is completely immoral. The F.N people today still show effects of trauma and those effects are the result of the behavior by the Canadian government and racist people. Some examples of these effects are drinking habits, depression, high rates of suicide, etc. Canadians need to realize the past and make a conscious effort to help fix what some bad people have started.

Persuasive essay corrections – English 11 – Block D – Luka Mladenovic


I could have improved on…

  1. Going deeper and providing much more argument. It was there, but it wasn’t enough.
  2. Providing more research – using more evidence and sources helps my ideas to be more convincing and more trusted by others who would potentially oppose it in the first place.

I did well on…

  1. Keeping it structured – I stuck with the system and it ended up being an essay that was fairly easy to read. All the parts were identifiable by the reader.

The photo included below is Simon from the book “The Lord of the flies” and in my eyes, he represents the one who leads with love in the book.

Here is the document with the grammar mistakes corrected.

What Darwin Never Knew Question – Biology 11 – Luka Mladenovic

How did the discovery of DNA prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct and how does it change the way we view evolution today and into the future?

The DNA proved that Darwin’s theory was correct because Darwin knew THAT the process of selection was happening, but didn’t know how. Once scientists tested human DNA and compared it to other species, they found that almost all the strands were the same, except for a few. Those few strands that differed were the mutations that lead to the expansion of the brain, walking on only 2 legs, etc. Now that we have DNA proof, the idea is much more widely accepted and can only make us wonder what kind of new species might form from other current animals in our lifetime and further on in the future.

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