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Proportional Reasoning Review – Similar Triangles

In our proportional reasoning unit I particularly struggled with similar triangles. I didn’t understand how to compare the side lengths of the triangles to see if they were similar or not. Here are two questions I had a hard time… Continue Reading →

Meiosis Birth Analogy Video

Candy DNA Model

Recreating A Masterpiece Project

Here is my recreating a masterpiece project. What is the title of your artwork? Young Lady In a Boat Who painted it? James Tissot When was it painted? 1870 Why did you choose it? I chose this painting because it… Continue Reading →

How Things Work – Luka and Adam

Electricity Model Project (Electric Motors) 1.¬†What problem is your technology trying to solve? The technology we are researching is electric motors. Electric motors are a solution to clean transportation without the emission of greenhouse gasses. Electric motors were originally created… Continue Reading →

Core Competent Canadians

What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity? I knew that the core competencies were a criteria that you could use to reflect on different aspects of your life. These could include social, thinking, and self awareness…. Continue Reading →

Substance Abuse Role Play

A Fresh Look at the Periodic Table

For our final product we decided to reshape the periodic table into a circle. In doing this, we made it possible to easily keep the patterns of the original periodic table. We also made it easier to visualize the amount… Continue Reading →

Spanish Country Research Project

Puerto Rico Research Project-1ufoyef  

Math 9 Midterm Core Competencies Self Evaluation

A good goal for myself throughout the next semester in math is to help myself remember the material better. I sometimes need to think for a long time about what some of the steps to complete questions are. My goal… Continue Reading →

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