The Human Condition: Curiosity

“Live Curious”

In the video “Live Curious” by National Geographic Channel, many people from different countries, cultures, ages, genders are dictating the cycle of life, by saying one word that leads to another one. The video starts with the phrase, “If you are, you breathe” that means if you are something/someone, you breathe, because all living being, plants, animals, us, breathe. On the course of the video, you realize that every word and action are connected building a cycle, like breath and talk or talk and ask, as mentioned on the video, until the highest point of knowledge: “If you know, you want to know more. And if you want to know more, you are alive”, connecting to the first word, with the meaning of: if you are alive, you are something, which means that you are breathing, so all the cycle starts over again. Humans can be curious if they desire knowledge. This video shows that even the simple things that we do can lead us to knowledge; it is in the human nature to be curious and always be curious to gain knowledge.