Movie reflection-Lucy

I really enjoy the movie, I think this movie really touched me, and I felt really heartwarming. When Chris finally pass the test I felt life is so hard, and if you work so hard for your life, one day you will meet happiness. In the movie, I learn that life is not easy, the people who are successful and live in happiness, they work so hard, and they went through a hard time before, no one’s life is sail with the wind, you must pay then you get payback. The second lesson that I learned is don’t give up something easy, if you work on something for a long time and you want to give up, just keep do it, maybe you can work a little bit harder, you can get there. The last lesson I learned is, in the movie, Chris always wear the suit when he doing his job, he thinks the first impression is an important thing. even his broke and he still wore the suit really tidily. The most thing I love about this movie is the actor who acted Chris anChristopherer, are will smith and his son, so the movie shows the father’s love really reality, and the movie shows really natural. “The pursuit of happiness” is a really good movie and it is an awesome movie for whatever age level, I think everyone could learn different things from this movie.  And this is the second time that I watched this movie, I think I learn something new.