Poetry project 2020 – English 11

Plastic bag

I cover myself

Beneath layers of plastic

I tear down a small corner of it


I can’t breathe


I bump my body against it


they are like a guard

But to hide my scars

It tries to suffocate me

It tries to build a border to

block me against the outside world


I don’t have the right to breath

I don’t have the right to live

Layers and layers covered me


Yet I can take off my guard and show you my scars

No need to be decisive

And I don’t want to be afraid anymore


My scars bleed,

My coats ripped

Yet I am on the way

To find the true me


The poem Plastic bag by Lucy Cai described the journey of seeking one’s true “me”. And the poem describes that layers of plastic bag hide her scars. Which normally, people can only see the figure and colour, a blurry image of the object through plastic bag, therefore it is difficult to observe the details of an object through it. The poet metaphorized self-discovery and self-identify as a plastic bag to breakthrough.

Nowadays, sometimes we hide and lost our “true self”, and in a sort of way, we reject to bring back our “true self”, which usually caused by the peer pressure from the people surround us every day. Therefore, “plastic bag” can protect us somehow from the external pressure, but gradually, we are bound by others instead of ourselves. Hyperbole was also being used in the poem, that the poet described the life in the plastic bags into an extremely despair situation.

Poem analysis:

The poem Ozymandias a sonnet, which was written by Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1818. The poem narrates the story of a traveler that saw pieces of a broken sculpture of Ozymandias. The sculptor perfectly portrays the arrogance, the emotion of Ozymandias, but these passions turned into a statue without a breath of life. Ozymandias’ used to be absolutely powerful, the king of kings, which described in a third person’s speech in the poem. But when the traveler found the sculpture of Ozymandias, it was split into pieces, and almost submerged in the sand. I think this poem states the theme of no one’s power lasts forever, power is temporary. All the arrogance and power back then will turn into pieces of stone that will never awake again.

Personification was being used in the poem, when the traveler said, “And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command”, which informs us that Is the head of the statue, by using referring to a real person. Also, at the end of the poem, it used irony to contrast between Ozymandias’ and his power that is no longer exist referred to, “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” and contrast with “Round the decay of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare”, shows the irony of a great, powerful king but in a lifeless statue.

Connecting the story of Macbeth, Macbeth’s corruption is caused by his greed toward power, and having complete control over people and rules. Macbeth is an example of power corruption like Ozymandias.

Hobbies can boost confident at work-Blog log#2


The title of the article attracted me in the first place. Normally, in our daily life, it is hard to connect work and hobbies together, but it is interesting how this article proves hobbies can really help us at work. This article is written by Matthew warren, i like how he helps the readers feel related to the article. Although, his style’s of writing is fluent, and easy to read. Generally, there are huge differences between student and worker, but there are also somethings that they both have in common. As a student, i always feel unsure while i am doing my work, sometimes, this kind of unsureness can always stress me out. So, having a hobby can always shift our tension at work to something that we are confident at or interest in, and it could strength our confident, and help us to relieve stress.

Blog log #1 Tea bag release billions of micro-plastic reflection – Lucy C

Link: https://bigthink.com/plastic-tea-bags

The title of the article caught my eyes in the first place.I am a tea person, drink from  grocery-store tea bag is almost a quotidian thing to me. But, i never thought about tea bag would generate billions of microplastic into every cup.  I like how the author demonstrate the article in a quite clearly form, which makes me easy to get the content. The article depicts how tea bag produce billions of microplastic. Basically, the effect that plastic brings to our earth is extremely harmful, but nobody thought that silk tea bag can also release plastic. And so, experiment that proves the fact of tea bag can always prevent and remind tea drinkers.